Red River Valley Campsite Campsite Last Visited: 10/31/2020
Mile Marker: 0.3 (section), 0.3 (SHT) Water Source: Red River

Superior Hiking Trail - Red River Valley Campsite


The southern most campsite on the SHT and the only campsite south of Duluth. There are campsites available in Jay Cooke State Park, but these require a fee and must be reserved in advance. This campsite is near the Red River bridge crossing. The campsite looks over the river valley. This campsite makes more sense now, as the SHT has been connected to the North Country National Scenic Trail extending into Wisconsin. Before the new trail connection was built, this was an out and back hike from the Wild Valley Road trailhead.

Campsite Tour Video

A look around this campsite.

Photos of this Campsite

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Path leading to the Red River Valley campsite.

Seating area around the fire pit.

Close up of the fire pit.

One of the tent pads.

Another tent pad spot.

Yet another tent pad location.

View of the Red River valley from the campsite.

Another view of the Red River. It is possible to hike down this steep hill to get water. It is easier though to just walk down the main SHT trail and get water near the Red River bridge.

A woodland throne worthy of any king or queen.

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