High Landing Campsite Campsite Last Visited: 10/31/2020
Mile Marker: (3.1 section) (5.0 SHT) Water Source: St. Louis River

Superior Hiking Trail - High Landing Campsite


This is not an official Superior Hiking Trail campsite. Rather, this campsite is managed by Jay Cooke State Park. The campsite is included here because it is easily accessible from the SHT. There is only one official campsite along the SHT south of Duluth, so using campsites in the state park provides some options. To use these campsites you must reserve them in advance. There is a fee. This campsite is about 0.2 miles down a spur trail from the SHT. The campsite is located on a bluff overlooking the St. Louis River. There are rapids at the base of the bluff allowing the water to provide a soothing background sound for visitors to this campsite.

Campsite Tour Video

After a short hike to the campsite, take a look around.

Photos of this Campsite

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Much larger than a typical SHT campsite, with more amenities.

Rapids along the St. Louis River at the base of the bluff on which the campsite is situated.

Trail leading to the biffy.

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