East Gooseberry Campsite Campsite Last Visited: 05/03/2020
Mile Marker: 5.6 (section), 115.1 (SHT) Water Source: Gooseberry River

Superior Hiking Trail - East Gooseberry Campsite


The location of this campsite is on a sharp 180 degree bend along the Gooseberry River. Some obstructed views of the river to be had from around the fire pit and seating area. There are two entrances to this campsite along the main SHT. The latrine is across the main SHT trail from the rest of the campsite.

Campsite Tour Video

A look around this campsite.

Photos of this Campsite

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There are two entrances to this campsite along the Superior Hiking Trail. This is the western most of the two entrances at the top of the hill.

Small campsite overall. Tents will have to be pitched near to the fire pit and sitting benches. The site is sandwiched between the main SHT and the river.

The eastern entrance to this campsite. This is located at the bottom of the hill close to the river.

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