West Gooseberry Campsite Campsite Last Visited: 05/03/2020
Mile Marker: 4.7 (section), 114.2 (SHT) Water Source: Gooseberry River

Superior Hiking Trail - West Gooseberry Campsite


Campsite is close to the main SHT trail. This site looks over the Gooseberry River from a high embankment. Nice views and pleasant sound of the river to rock you to sleep. Latrine is visible from main SHT trail when leaves are off the trees.

Campsite Tour Video

A look around this campsite.

Photos of this Campsite

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Sign indicating the West Gooseberry campsite. The latrine for this campsite is on the otherside of the SHT from where the fire pit and tent pads are located.

This is a compact campsite. Tent setup locations are close to this fire pit.

View of the Gooseberry River. To get water, you have to shuffle down a short slope to the waters edge.

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